Importance of Job Performance Appraisals

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As the manager of any team, one has many important roles to play and attend to. One of the important roles is appraising the team’s individual performance. Job performance appraisals are important as they provide the manager with opportunity to provide a feedback on how well the employees are performing their delegated duties and a chance to motivate them. According to Buhler (2013), treating employees and co-workers is not merely nice but the brain is wired to perform at the highest levels. Buhler further advises managers to schedule job appraisals and involve employees more to help the organization grow (Buhle & Worden, 2013).

The following are the reasons how and why job appraisals are important:

  • Appraisals are an opportunity for the employees to understand how well they are progressing and what areas they need to improve on. It enables the manager to work with the employee and set new targets.
  • It helps indentify if employee priorities match manager’s expectations. Gives opportunity to both to work out the organization priorities.
  • Effective manager is one who has good and supportive relationship with employees. The performance appraisal is an opportunity for the two to meet and employee to express their views to the manager.
  • Performance appraisal enables the manager to document the progress of each member. This is very important during promotions or when dismissal arises (Hamlett, n.d.).





Performance appraisals are very important and useful both to the manager and the employee. Performance appraisals enable a closer working relationship between the manager and the employee. In the long-term, this enables improved relationships and morale within the team.





















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