The story entitled “Rock Crystal” and is authored by Adalbert Stifler who is German which the reader can determine because of the wording that Stifler utilizes. In the first sentence of the story the author uses the phrase “among the high mountains of our fatherland there lies a little village”, the use of the word fatherland is a clear analysis that the author is German or Germanic in culture. It is also interesting to note that Stifler writes very descriptive especially when he is describing what he calls the villagers mountain and the glory of the mountain. It seems that at the time Stifler wrote his story the villagers tended to glorify their mountain which from his description was very lovely in its landscape.

Adalbert Stifler tends to go to extremes in describing the mountain more than in describing the various villagers that live in the mountain villages situated throughout. Stifler also mentions people that live in the mountain and he also mentions their trades and gives the reader some background on their personal lives which tends to pull the reader inward and wishes to want to learn more about these mountain residents. Even though Stifler seems to focus primary on the mountain and many of its geographical features which also brings the reader into the story, he also uses very interesting descriptions of the people in the story and keeps the reader turning the pages and wanting to learn more about this beautiful place and the people that inhabit it.

The mountain ranges in this story seem to house many various people living in their own particular villages that are situated in the eastern, western, northern, and southern slopes of the mountain and these people all seem to have their own specific customs and they tend to look upon strangers with a suspicious eye as can be seen in his descriptive analysis of the marriage of the shoemaker and the dyers daughter. Even after marriage his village is still reluctant to accept her as one of them because she comes from a village situated on one of the other slopes within the mountain range.

The language that is used by Stifler seems to be a more refined form and does not need to use any type of profanity or questionable language because the story being told is basically a story about Christmas ,especially in the last few pages of the story. In my opinion this is a story that if told today probably would not be very interesting to modern readers because the story tends to focus on issues of family and today’s readers consider themselves to sophisticated and technologically oriented to bother with what many of them would consider to be old fashioned.

I enjoyed the story and I think that many people would also like it if they were to read it. Adalbert Stifler writes of times and places from long ago about events that happened many years ago and times have obviously moved on. The language that the author used to write and to depict the details of this story is very vivid and the reader can actually picture the various colors and makeup of the crystals that made up the mountain that made up the villages where the people lived out their lives in a much simpler period of time.